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Menno Giesbrecht

Menno Giesbrecht is an emerging self-taught artist who has a background in developing industrial commercial spaces. He loves modern art and design, which is reflected in his non-representational, abstract art. The use of vivid colours gives his work vibrancy and vitality that is sought after by interior designers. His work is hanging in several commercial spaces in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Menno’s work is largely acrylic on metal substrates and has a very modern color-block flair. Menno accepts commissions for his work.

Bonnie Giesbrecht

Bonnie creates art in a variety of mediums but predominantly use alcohol ink or acrylic paint on a variety of substrates to create representational pieces reflecting her love of flowers, nature and the Canadian landscape. She loves the many and varied colours of the sky and the plants that declare God’s majestic handiwork. Bonnie often uses collage and other mixed media elements to enhance her acrylic paintings. 

Glenda Kadyschuk 

Glenda recently discovered her love for painting watercolor landscapes. Born in Saskatoon, she was influenced by her parents who both painted in oils. With more free time in retirement, and further inspiration around their cottage at riding Mt. National Park, Glenda has begun to practice techniques she learned from several workshops. "When I paint, it is like entering another world where what I see becomes something I can now shape. My hope is that my work will inspire others to notice and enjoy the awesome and ever-changing world around them too!"